QP Salt Advance Duo + PH 120m3

Saline chlorinator recommended for pools of 60, 90, 120, 160, 200 m3 maximum volume. It generates 15, 20, 25, 32, 40 grams/hour of chlorine from the salt found in the water. Allows you to adjust the production and dosage of chlorine. It also incorporates a pH regulator. With alarms that warn of lack of water, lack of production, overdosage and low or high pH.


Electrolysis and pH re-router in the same apparatus.


Self-cleaning cell by reversing polarity adjustable according to water hardness.

Low moddo - cover mode to vary chlorine production according to the position of the pool cover.

Boost mode super chlorination function: up to 24 hours to meet a high need for disinfectant.

Alarm via on-screen message.

Automatic management of the winter mode: automatic electrolyser stop when the temperature is below 15º.

Water temperature display.

Self-diagnosis program for easy maintenance.

Easy installation and assembly.

Proportional pH regulator with adjustable set point from 6.8 to 7.6.


QPA15 PH for 60m3 pools.

QPA20PH for 90m3 pools.

QPA25PH for 120m3 pools.

QPA32PH for 160m3 pools

QPA40PH for 200m3 pools.

It is supplied with a temperature sensor, pH probe and probe holder (it is advisable to install an earth connection not included).