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Millenium filter D.380

Millenium Series Pool Filter
Product # 35321
Diameter 380 mm
Injected plastic material
Transparent lid with quick-release strap closure
Easy-to-see manometer located on the lid
Ideal for pools up to 40 m3.

Let's talk about the Astralpool Millenium range of filters

The Millennium range of filters is characterised by the fact that they are moulded in a single piece ,i.e. without joints, in non-corrosive plastic material and combine a modern and attractive design, thanks to their stylised shapes and a beige coloured outer part, with reliable operation and minimum maintenance.

As they are designed to cover any filtration need in residential pools, they are available in different diameters depending on the flow of water to be filtered, while being equipped with everything you need for you to have one of the best AstralPool filters available.

Millennium filters are designed to satisfy the most demanding customers. They can filter from 5,500 l/ to 12,000 l/h with a filtration rate of 50 m3/h/m2. They are also equipped with AstralPool's 6+1 position selector valve which allows filtering, washing, rinsing, recirculating, emptying and closing the filter. A valve so reliable that it is used with most AstralPool filters.

Not only is it important that the filter is reliable and has excellent performance, but AstralPool's R&D teams are also concerned about achieving an attractive design without losing any of its quality. Its shapes, feel and colours are the result of many tests and the result is an excellent product with a very attractive design.

All these characteristics make them the best choice when it comes to equipping any type of private pool, both in-ground and above ground. And if this is not enough, they are guaranteed for 2 years against any manufacturing defect.
Characteristics of the materials used in production

Filter body made of durable plastic and resistant to chemical and atmospheric agents.

Technical comparison between Astralpool Millenium filters with Side Valve